Our Services

Aerial Edge Artists works to provide a highly professional service to all customers whether they are organising an outdoor festival, a charity event or even a wedding! Offering and organising artists to perform and entertain for any event you may have coming up.

Aerial Edge Artists, in association with Aerial Edge Circus School also offers rigging services for theatres and performing houses with specific expertise in counter-weighting systems, safe aerial rigging and safe actor fall training. Our previous clients include Scottish Opera, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the National Theatre of Scotland.

Between The Lines at Braw Circus Festival | Photo by Richard Walker

Between The Lines at Braw Circus Festival | Photo by Richard Walker

Performer Hire

Aerial Edge Artists represents a wide variety of circus artists and performers across Scotland, providing entertainment at weddings, arts festivals, corporate shows and gala events. We have in the past supplied performers for Merchant City Festival, The European Championships, Braw Circus Festival and more!

Scotland’s only Flying Trapeze | Photo by Richard Walker

Scotland’s only Flying Trapeze | Photo by Richard Walker

Rigging Services

Aerial Edge is home to Scotland’s only Flying Trapeze. Standing at 10 metres tall it takes a small village to rig, meaning that we have a very skilled, specialised and professional rigging team. As well as engineering the set up of apparatus, our staff have been consults on rigging for theatrical shows and performances where aerial work, counter-weight systems and safe actor fall training have been requested.


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

We have worked with RCS numerous times and have alway enjoyed our time with them and their professionalism.

Scottish Opera

We had the pleasure of consulting on ‘Anthroposcene’ for the rigging of the character - we were consulted not only about the rigging but how to ensure the safety of the actor whilst being suspended.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Our artists and rigging services were required for the November 2018 production of ‘Wizard of Oz’.